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Drug Rehab Lancaster

Drug Rehab Lancaster

If you require immediate drug rehab in Lancaster, we invite you to New Day Rehab Center today. Our rehabilitation treatment will allow you to recover and begin the healing process in only 30 days of treatment, focusing on detox, therapy, and Lancaster addiction counseling.

How the drug rehab process works

At our facility, we rely on four recovery concepts to promote fast and reliable rehabilitation:

  1. Customized detox – The detox program includes medication and therapy to help you cope with your withdrawal, cleanse your system of any drug-related toxins, and reset your addicted brain. The treatment also promotes sub-acute detox, stabilizing patients against any withdrawal after-effects that usually occur post-detox. This is the first phase in the rehab treatment lasting between several days to two weeks, depending on your addiction’s type and severity.
  2. Behavioral therapies – Our Lancaster County addiction therapist coordinates patient-oriented therapy programs like individual therapy, group therapy, and spiritual therapy. These procedures promote healing via peer support, behavioral stabilization, confidence and self-esteem build-up, personal responsibility and accountability, etc.
  3. Counseling services – We offer addiction counseling near me via programs like anger management, family and marriage counseling, substance addiction counseling, etc. These programs teach stability and personal growth, allowing you to become a more honest, dedicated, and responsible individual in your private and social life.
  4. Sobriety education and lifestyle improvements – This program teaches patients relapse prevention tips, helping them remain sober over the years. Our outpatient treatment in Lancaster will allow you to retake control over your life, change your lifestyle for the better, and adopt better life values overall. We teach healthy lifestyle routines, relapse prevention, avoid social triggers, work towards a better career, and grow into a more mature and stable individual.

What happens in detox?

The detoxification treatment is relatively straightforward, but its working mechanism is more complex than most people think, and it shows. Most people who resort to self-detox fail despite understanding the procedure's concept. The truth is that the detox process relies on more than basic medication management skills. You also need to understand that people react differently to the same treatment and that personalized procedures are necessary to ensure the treatment’s safety and effectiveness.

At our facility, our detox program begins with an in-depth clinical assessment phase, during which our experts gather critical information about your condition and overall health status. With that data available, they will then build a customized medication and therapy plan to ensure reliable and lasting results. Post-acute detox is another core concept, as it allows our professionals to prevent withdrawal-related long-term issues that may occur even after a successful detox.

If you require immediate addiction evaluations and treatment in Lancaster, we invite you to our detox center to speak to a rehab specialist. At New Day Rehab Center, we help people regain their freedom from addiction in just 30 days. Call our rehab facility, speak to our expert clinician, and set a clinical assessment for drug rehab in Lancaster! Quit your addiction and embrace a healthy and sober lifestyle while you still can.

Drug Rehab Lancaster

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