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Drug Addiction Rehab Centers Near Me

Drug Addiction Rehab Centers Near Me

Finding the leading drug addiction rehab centers near me is a must when struggling with advanced drug addiction and debilitating withdrawal. The Heavenly Center offers access to a unique form of treatment, combining conventional medicine and psychiatry with modern and even innovative holistic approaches.

Do you offer residential treatment?

No, our facility only offers treatment and therapy on an outpatient basis. It is the ideal form of treatment for individuals who can’t afford the more expensive residential treatment or don’t have the time to spare for a 90-day intensive program.

Do you house patients?

Yes, we do. Our Heavenly Housing program offers access to all our townhomes in the area, allowing you to find refuge from triggering home environments where you lack the comfort, peace, and serenity you need to recover and heal. Our housing system offers luxury accommodations, allowing patients to complete their drug rehab treatment in California with minimum discomfort or distractions.

What is cannabis-assisted treatment?

The cannabis-assisted treatment is a revolutionary program that offers patients the opportunity to pursue their cannabis-based treatment under specialized supervision. Our cannabis experts will assess your condition and recommend specific products with varying THC levels or none to ensure fast and optimal results. The treatment will also require your presence regularly so that our professionals can assess the treatment’s effectiveness and recommend tweaks if necessary.

Do you offer cannabis at your center as part of the rehab program?

No, we only offer consultation, guidance and provide professional recommendations. You can use these recommendations to get the cannabis strain and dosage you need for your condition and come in regularly for clinical assessment and assistance.

Do you offer aftercare services?

Yes, depending on your needs, progress, and recovery goals. Our experts can recommend extensive care via our alumni program or sober living services if the outpatient drug rehab programs in CA are insufficient for your condition(s).

What rehab programs will I take part in?

Being a holistic facility, we rely on numerous rehab programs, including psychotherapy, behavioral therapies, nutrition education, IV therapy, Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, massage sessions, etc. Some are standard and come with the base treatment, while others are optional. You can choose which ones you prefer during the intake process, allowing you to customize the rehabilitation program the way you see fit.

How long is your rehab treatment?

Our treatment lasts for twelve weeks, which is enough to overcome the withdrawal, regain your mental and emotional composure, and find a viable long-term solution to your co-occurring mental disorders.

How expensive is your treatment?

As you know, there are no free drug rehab centers, which makes our facility the next best thing. We offer low-cost addiction treatment in CA, with the price varying depending on your addiction’s severity, the insurance coverage, the rehab programs you opt for, etc.

To get a better insight into our drug addiction rehab centers near me, contact The Heavenly Center at 855-9THCNOW and discuss your case with our rehab expert! You can schedule an appointment for intake and begin the rehabilitation process whenever you’re ready.

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